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of hurricane sandy has left many residents without a place to vote. authorities are scrambling to respond to the situation, particularly in the city of new york, where the storm knocked out dozens of polling stations. new york mayor michael bloomberg says about 140,000 residents will have to find another polling station. more than 60 stations have suffered power outages and flooding. city officials are working to set up alternative sites. authorities in new jersey, another hard-hit area, are planning to use public buildings to allow voters to cast their ballots. hurricane sandy has killed 91 people across nine states. more than 1.8 million households remain without power. experts say providing shelter to the displaced is an urgent issue as they expect cold northwesterly winds to push temperatures down. >>> americans who are able to vote tuesday will judge the presidential candidates on a range of issues. one of them is their stance on china. some americans consider the world's second largest economy a threat. obama and romney have tried to reflect that sentiment, but as nhk world's susumu
just as it's recovering from the impact of last week's monster storm, sandy. this latest storm brought snow, rain, and wild winds, making streets and sidewalks slick and making getting around slow. the weather forced airlines to cancel more than 600 flights in and out of the northeast. >> the national weather service warns that there could be some major flooding in spots already eroded by sandy. >> new york mayor michael bloomberg says the storm would not be a big problem under normal circumstances but sandy damaged coastal areas. so he called on residents there to evacuate as a precaution. it's making life even more difficult for thousands of people. sandy killed more than 40 people in new york city alone. it triggered flooding and power outages. 30,000 households in the city are still without electricity. >>> clear weather in this part of the world. meteorologist robert speta has more. robert? >>> we are seeing some sunny skies across japan here. we have this high pressure ridging in from the west bringingutely great conditions on your friday, going into saturday. but this is followi
the pieces after sandy, barack obama hits the campaign trail again. >> bayern-munich rocked to victory. >> the chris parliament has made it clear the budget for the european union must be reduced. >> members of parliament delivered an embarrassing defeat to prime minister david cameron late on wednesday in what the press there is calling kamins fright night. >> cameron has been calling for an eu budget freeze, but members of his own conservative party revolted, demanding brussels trim its spending. >> we have more now on the vote and the fallout beginning in london. >> when the vote was read out, it was a stunning defeat for the government. the opposition labor party is rubbing its hands in glee. 53 of david cameron is -- cameron's own party refused to toe the line, pushing through the amendment. kamen wants to freeze the eu budget over the next seven years, but these skeptics say a freeze does not go far enough. they want to see cuts in real terms. opposition labour is supporting the call. while wednesday's parliamentary vote to cut your spending is not binding, it is a significant ch
else's dna under fingernai fingernails. >>> after sandy, there's another storm americans need to worry about. it's hovering near the northeast. robert is here with that and more in weather. robert? >> we are watching the southeastern coast of the u.s. here. have the nor'easter right off the coastlines and across portions from new england to pennsylvania. you're going to expect some gusty winds. near 100 kilometer winds and right near the coast, hurricane force winds. this is not by any means a hurricane, it's a nor'easter, but still, it's going to be packing these strong winds. then talking about the snow. all that cold air coming down and this heavy snow expected in here. even winter storm advisories are in effect in eastern pennsylvania. this is going to create some whiteout and business ard conditions. if you're outside in this too long, frostbite could be a major concern. this is really very dangerous for all these people still recovering from sandy last week, so definitely want to continue to watch this storm system on wednesday into thursday, but it's not the only strong winter s
sandy that battered the east coast earlier this month spent this thanksgiving with an extra portion of gratitude, despite the ongoing lack of power and basic services and the threats posed by looters and gangs. >> we visited an ever had in new jersey where many are still picking up the pieces. we discover that along with strong faith in the future, people are under no misapprehensions. they know it will take years to rebuild. >> jim does not give up easily. his neighbors fled when superstore and sandy carroll toward the coast of new jersey. he barricaded himself inside his seaside park home as the hurricane howled outside. >> all of a sudden, the wind picked up like crazy. the wind picked up. the water was here. i heard a loud noise, and the front of my house blown out. >> he was relatively lucky. hundreds of houses nearby were leveled or washed away. little remains of the boardwalk. when night falls, residents have to leave the area. police patrol the town, guarding against looters. three weeks on, some areas are still off-limits because of safety concerns. some people are only now
circulating on twitter and other social networks in the wake of superstorm sandy. the federal emergency management agency set up the rumor control section on saturday. officials are working to dispel false information through its website and on an agency help line. according to one rumor, thieves wearing power company uniforms were at large on the street. another claimed that anyone who lost power could receive food stamps. such rumors circulated as restoration work got under way after sandy, which struck the u.s. east coast last week. false information also spread on social networks in japan in the days after last year's quake and tsunami disaster. >>> the remains of a pigeon that may have carried secrets in world war ii was discovered in england. the bird's skeleton was discovered at an old house in surrey began destroying the fireplace. a red capsule had been attached to one of the legs. it contained a thin piece of paper with 27 codes, each using combinations of five letters. british media reports say experts suspect the pigeon was a messenger for allied troops undertaking sabotage
by superstorm sandy will see another -- will see stormy conditions once again from tuesday night into your thursday. so further coastal erosion and coastal flooding are going to be a potential. and on top of that, again very cold air is blanketing much of the northeastern section of the continent. only 3 degrees in new york city. 2 in washington, d.c. and below freezing in toronto. temperatures will remain quite low. 9 degrees in washington. 8 degrees in new york city. and 4 in toronto. many people are still without electricity. so this is going to cause very critical situation. all right. moving into europe then. severe weather is happening across the baltic states. eastern europe as well as the balkan peninsula. and then on and off showers will continue across the southern half of the peninsula. temperatures looking like this. cooler than average in london. 8 degrees and same in berlin. here's extended forecast. >>> and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks very much for joining us.
to do not go away. stay with us. >> welcome back. one week after hurricane sandy cause destruction, tens of thousands of people need temporary housing. >> both the storm and the government's response to it are expected to have a significant impact on tuesday's general -- general election. while president obama's handling has given him a boost. many struggled to recover. temperatures in new york have dropped to just below freezing. in neighboring new jersey, almost 1 million households are still without electricity. >> she is back at her new jersey home for the first time since the storm, but there is not -- but there's not much left of it. >> the only thing we had was the clothes on her back. not expecting to come back. nothing. >> many houses were destroyed by the storm were burned down. homeowners are rushing to stay ahead of the flooding. her mother is 77. her house is still standing, but she does not have electricity and temperatures are close to freedom -- are close to freezing. >> it is really terrible. in new jersey alone, nearly 1 million homes are without power. that is leading
, and definitely new england. a potent and dangerous storm system. many people here still recovering from sandy, which hit the area last week. keeping a very close eye on this on your wednesday. let's look over towards the other side of the world. here in that wen jiabao -- japan, we have heavy rainfall. in tokyo, 42 millimeters was reported in a one-hour span. now up towards hokkaido and the southern portions of hokkaido, 95 kilometer-per-hour winds was also recorded, so it shows the strong strength of this storm. now as it pushes off towards the east, hokkaido, you're expecting it to continue to linger throughout the remainder of the workweek. good news is that off towards the west and western japan, even across korea, we have this high pressure starting to work its way in. that's going to be bringing much fairer weather across much of the area. temperatures are going to be shaping up like this, though. beijing with a high of 11, chongqing at 14, and over here towards tokyo getting into the low 20s. now, looking at europe, we are watching a low-pressure that is moving across italy here, some
by that monster hurricane named sandy. now, residents in new york and new jersey, millions who just got their power turned back on, are dealing with another major storm. >> the storm brought plummeting temperatures and heavy snow, a tough challenge for people in the new york borough of queens who are struggling to get back on their feet. >> the last thing we ever expected or wanted was no -- snow. it was a shock to us, yes. >> many new yorkers had only just seen their lights come back on when the grid failed again. that meant no electricity and in many cases, no water and no heat. people are frustrated and shivering. >> pretty cold, man. once i get a little bit of gas, should be good. i have hot water, it is just a matter of heating up the apartment a little bit. >> my daughter is afraid. i wrapped up in blankets and put her in the middle between my husband and myself just to get the body warm. >> officials promised quick relief to victims and warned people they should stay indoors. >> good advice. >> very good advice. thanks for watching. we will see you again at the top of the hour. c
third quarter expectations with a rise in profits. despite natural disasters like super-storm sandy, they have reason overoptimism. the hurricane caused billions of euros of damage as it struck the east coast of the united states last week, but they firmly believe they will be meeting profit targets for 2012. >> was the longest-running dispute in the history of the world trade organization, but what came to be known as the banana war has been declared over. the head of the wto has declared the dispute resolved. >> the original complaint was started by toaster -- back in 1991 in the conflict took over two decades to sort out -- the complaint was started by costa rica. >> the vast majority of bananas are produced on a massive scale by u.s. multinational companies. the fruit is a vital export for countries like coaster rica, colombia, ecuador. only 12% of the bananas consumer actually grown there. 18% come from africa, the caribbean, and the pacific. on tall now they have received preferential treatment with prices above global markets read. 70% come from central and south america. tha
with the cleanup in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. he returned home a richer man in more ways than one. 38-year-old john turner won $100,000 in a lottery in the storm-hit state of new jersey. the former new jersey resident runs a water removal business in chicago, illinois. he bought the winning ticket after providing free water pumping services at inundated houses. >> shocked. this is not happening and real. >> a new jersey state official says residents are thankful for his help, and that his god fortune was fate's way of repaying him for his assistance. >> a portion of that we're going to donate to someone or some family in need. >> recovery efforts continue in northeastern states. the storm claimed dozens of lives and left millions of homes wow electricity. >>> tokyo is holding a week of events to increase public support for the bid to host the 2020 summer olympics and paralympics. the tokyo olympic bidding committee held a ceremony for the start of the 300-day countdown to the selection of the host city. he showed his enthusiasm for bringing the event to tokyo. >> translator: i believe the
in claims stemming from hurricane sandy which hit hard on the eastern u.s. coast in late november. >> they estimate overall damage from the storm will range between $20-$25 billion. of new york mayor michael bloomberg has but the damage at $19 billion in his city alone. it slipped through the caribbean of forcing the u.s. eastern seaboard. >> coming up, thousands of factory workers in bangladesh are protesting against poor and potentially lethal working conditions. >> first, a look at some other headlines this hour. poachers in the spanish region of catalonia have been dealt a setback. this all the convergence and union alliance losing seats. the nationalist party did win a majority overall. >> the israeli defense minister is planning to retire from politics. he says he will quit his post once the new government is formed after the elections in january. many political observers are expecting him to change political parties. >> israel has taken a step towards expanding its missile defense. existing systems down. hundreds of hamas rockets during the recent violence and now they have
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13